Water, Water (Almost) Everywhere

Walking into a shop and buying a single-use bottle of water might be convenient but there’s nowhere more convenient than getting water from your own home, so what happens when you’re not in your house?

The good news is that there’s probably a water refilling scheme in your area; 15,000 businesses across the UK have signed up, offering free drinking water. Refill is a grassroots campaign founded to reduce the number of single-use water bottles, by encouraging people to swap to reusable ones. Not only is this a great way to stay hydrated on-the-go but it also helps to avoid the premium placed on bottled drinks in train stations, sporting and music venues, and even bars and restaurants. You take your bottle and top it up whenever you need to. Carrying a reusable bottle is particularly useful in airports, where it can be carried empty through security and then refilled in the departure lounge for free. This not only saves you spending money on buying bottled water but also lets you stay hydrated during your flight.

You can download the Refill App on your mobile phone to find schemes in your area.

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