The Best Reusable Bottle For Commuters

Of course, it’s not only single-use water bottles that can be expensive to buy when you’re out and about. Hot beverages like tea and coffee can have premium prices, too. When it’s important for hot water to stay hot, then a leakproof steel vacuum flask is ideal. Using Thermoshield technology, it keeps hot water hot for 12 hours and cold water icy cold for 24.

With the rise of premium branded instant coffees and affordable home coffee makers, it’s never been easier or more affordable to brew a cup of joe in your own kitchen. With the average commute to work now at 54 minutes (74 minutes in London), it’s little wonder that commuters are spending a small fortune on takeaway coffees.

Picking up a Grande Cappuccino at Starbucks in Birmingham will cost around £2.60. Grab one every day and that’s £13 a week, £52 a month and £624 annually. With rail fares increasing year-on-year, coffee habits are only adding to the cost of a commute. It’s a similar story at Costa Coffee in Leeds where even a Primo Americano (small black) is £1.95, making it a £9.75 a week, £39 a month and £468 a year habit.

It’s easy to see the financial benefits of making your own coffee at home but you’ll still save money by using a steel flask or insulated travel mug even if you don’t fill it up before you leave the house. To encourage the use of reusable bottles, cups and flasks, many coffee shops in urban areas now offer discounts as an incentive. Take a reusable travel mug into Pret a Manger, and they’ll knock 50p off the price of your coffee. Starbucks and Costa Coffee have similar schemes that take 25p off your bill. It’s a win-win situation: you save around £60 a year by using a reusable bottle and you still get to enjoy your favourite hot drink.

One additional benefit is that tea and coffee stay hotter for longer in an insulated cup, flask or bottle that in a paper cup. From the moment your drink is being poured, it’s already losing heat, so if you’re travelling from London to Manchester, for example, then chances are your drink will already have cooled considerably by the time your train or coach leaves the station. 

A vacuum flask or reusable travel mug will keep contents hot for up to 12-hours, allowing you to drink your favourite beverage at your leisure —  something that’s harder (and more expensive) to do in a takeaway cup. 

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