There’s a huge choice of bottles on the market and they’re not all made equally.

A reusable bottle has to be trustworthy: it shouldn’t leak nor should it pose a risk to your health. It should open easily, be hygienic to drink from, have a steady water flow and be durable. The best reusable water bottle is one that will save you money and one that you’ll carry regularly to keep you hydrated and healthy.  

When shopping for a reusable water bottle, you should check it’s BPA free. BPA is a chemical compound commonly used in the manufacturing of food containers and plastic drinking bottles; its use has been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, and birth defects in children. A good quality reusable water bottle is both BPA free and non-toxic and should also be odour resistant and easy to clean. 

It’s easy to assume that bottles all have similar water flows and that what comes out of the spout or rim is consistent and equal — not always. Water should easily flow into the mouth without the need for gurgling or sucking. If the bottle isn’t designed well, then you may get the ‘curtain of water’ which is when liquid dribbles down your chin — not a good look.

Having already mentioned how important it is for the bottle to be easily cleaned, it’s worth mentioning, too, that the spout or rim should be covered over when the bottle isn’t being used. Germs exist on every surface including inside bags, in lockers, on desks, in cars and especially on hands and fingers. When shopping for a reusable water bottle, you should purchase one with a cover that keeps the mouthpiece clean.

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