How to Use & Care for your Ion8 Water Bottle

Since launch in 2016, Ion8 water bottles have been wildly popular all over Europe. The leakproof water bottles can be opened and closed with one hand, and provide a wonderful smooth flow due to the award winning vented flow lid. 


Drink like it's a cup

Our vented OneTouch lid has 2 holes on the lid. One to drink from, and a much smaller one that allows air in as you drink, giving that legendary smooth Ion8 flow.

Drink in comfort, and on-the-go.

Our spout is at the side, not the centre. Drink in comfort, no extreme tilt, no neck strain. You can drink and still see ahead, great for walking or cycling.

Perfect to the last drop

Even when the bottle is nearly empty, your water will flow with a small degree of tilt. 

Don't over tilt!

If you over tilt, some water may dribble from the vent as well. This reduces flow rate, rather than increasing it, and may cause spillage.


Before use always rinse the bottle and cap with cool water After use always rinse in warm water and dish soap only Air dry thoroughly before storing. Always store with cap off. 

Hand wash recommended. Dishwasher only on a cool 30 degree wash.

Care & Safe Use


  • Do not freeze when full
  • Do not boil or microwave bottle
  • Do not use for carbonated drinks
  • Do not use with non-drinkable liquids
  • Do not use brushes or abrasives to scrub
  • Do not wash at high temperatures in a dishwasher, your bottle could be damaged
  • Ensure cap is screwed on tightly before use
  • Lid seals are replaceable

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