A Water Bottle For Bigger Thirsts

A 750ml leakproof water bottle is ideal in the workplace, as it can sit on a desk or next to a computer without the need to be regularly refilled. It’s also an easy way to keep track of daily water consumption without the need to count individual glasses or mugs. The 750ml bottle is also ideal for cyclists and is designed to fit most standard bike bottle holders, allowing for easy hydration when you need it, whether you’re on the road, trail or track.


For those who regularly exercise, then a 1-litre leakproof water bottle is recommended. A one-touch opening system with a vented and smooth liquid flow, means quick hydration using only one hand. Whether you’re taking a swig mid-stride, mid-stretch or midway through a game or set. The carrying clip means the bottle can easily be picked up, put down and carried between gym classes or meetings. Having a larger sized bottle is also useful if you’re going somewhere where access to drinking water might be more limited: a camping or hiking trip, for example.

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